Workshops með Gina and Donna þann 18, 21-23. júní

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Ekki missa af þessu einstaka tækifæri! Þar sem við fengum stuttan fyrirvara á þessari geggjuðu heimsókn þá ákváðum við að hafa alla lýsingu á ensku. Takmörkuð pláss í boði!


Join us in welcoming world-renowned pole and aerial artists Donna Carnow and Gina Alm back to Iceland! They are offering a wide variety of fantastic workshops listed below. Workshops are 75-90 minutes in length.

Bonus: If you sign up for 2 or more, we will add one regular class pass to your account! (Good for normal scheduled 60min classes, ie flex, conditioning, pole, silk, lyra, etc.)

Tuesday 18. June 19:30-21:00
Floor to Ceiling Flow // Open level
Ups and downs, highs and lows! Fill your space and dazzle your audience with a flow that stretches from the floor to ceiling and back. In this open level workshop, we seamlessly weave floor work into base work into an ascent/descent from the pole. Inversions optional – open to all levels!

Friday 21. June 18:45-20:15
InvertaPole // Intermediate-Advanced
Get ready to get upside down and some blood in your brain! This workshop offers a variety of pole handstand combos and concoctions. We will isolate and refine handstand + arm balance techniques, look at them in application to pole, and incorporate these inverted skills into your pole repertoire in combinations. Shorts required.
Pre-requisites: leg hangs, inverted crucifix

Saturday 22. June
Aerial Pole (flying pole) // 10:30 // intermediate-advanced
Take your pole dancing skills to the next level – literally! This workshop focuses on applying pole dance techniques and skills on an aerial pole rigged 1.5 feet off the ground. We will break down aerial pole mechanics, conditioning techniques, various types of mounts, ways to generate a consistent and powerful spin, and then apply this information in a variety of combinations higher in the air. Must be comfortable with inverts, leg hangs, and being on a spinning pole. *Aerial poles are silicone and chrome – bring shorts and leggings.

Kips, Flips, and Splits: Donna’s Signature Pole Tricks // 12:00 // higher interm-advanced
Donna’s signature pole tricks and combos – a mix of things that are dynamic and flexibility based, both closer to the ground and higher in the air! This workshop offers one dynamic low-flow combo, one aerial dynamic combo, and a spin pole combo. Levels 3/4 and up (leg hangs, shoulder mounts, butterflies, and brass monkey all pre-requisites for this workshop).

Sunday 23. June
Pole’ography // 11:00 // Open level

Pole’ography is a dance-based pole class in which we learn and break down choreography that focuses on stringing together movement patterns that combine moving into and out of the floor, dance technique, and a variation of codified spins and strength-based movements on and around a static pole. This class offers strategies and techniques to improve and apply a dancer’s strength, movement pick up, musicality, technical proficiency, performative qualities, and artistry.
Layers and kneepads recommended.

Grounded flight: contemporary floor work // 13:00 // All levels Pole and Aerial
Calling all pole dancers and aerialists to step out of the sky and learn how to fly on the ground! Learn how to seamlessly move into and out of the floor in this contemporary floor work workshop. We will focus on the techniques required to efficiently move through space and access a sense of weighted release to gravity. Together we will embody phrase work that is filled with swelling waves and bursts of momentum that continue to redirect and propel the body through space.
*Layers and kneepads recommended.



We are beyond excited to welcome back Donna Carnow and Gina Alm, for the first time in our new studio! These Brooklyn-based pole and aerial artists are true legends in the game, and total sweethearts to boot! They are both instructors at Body and Pole in New York, but spend most of their time performing all over the world and winning awards. The duo are performing once again at Reykjavik Fringe Festival, and we can never miss an opportunity to invite them to Eríal. Gina will be offering one workshop on Tuesday evening, 18th of June, and Donna will be holding four classes over the weekend of 21-23 June.

Donna Carnow is an award-winning performer and artist in the aerial and circus world. You can learn more about her on her website.


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Aerial Pole (flying pole), Floor to Ceiling Flow, Grounded Flight: Contemporary Floorwork, InvertaPole, Kips, Flips, and Splits – Donna’s Signature Pole Tricks, PoleOgraphy

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