Pole Theatre Iceland Workshops!

Eríal Pole will be hosting awesome workshops with the judges of Pole Theatre Iceland. 

Are you as excited about Pole Theatre Iceland Workshops as we are?
If you have never taken a workshop with one of these amazing pole stars before you are in for a treat!
There will be a variety of different pole and non-pole workshops available for different difficulty levels.

Make sure you sign up in advance and please note that your spot is not guaranteed until full payment has been received.

step 1. Sign up for a workshop on the schedule below
step 2. Pay for the workshop via this link
step 3. Send a confirmation to the email erial@erial.is with proof of payment

Það verður heldur betur veisla í Eríal Pole eftir Pole Theatre Iceland keppina!

Þessir heimsklassa þjálfarar og brautryðjendur í súluheiminum munu halda sín einstöku workshops dagana 22.-24. september.
Til að skoða nánari upplýsingar um workshopin hér fyrir neðan er hægt að smella á “view details” og þar er hægt að sjá helstu uppýsingar um þjálfarana og workshoppin þeirra. 

Athugið að skráning er ekki tekin gild fyrr en klárað hefur verið að ganga frá greiðslu.
Hægt er að borga með korti eða pening  í Eríal Pole eða millifæra á reiknisnúmer: 0301-26-6129 kennitala: 600912-0700. Tilkynning um millifærslu sendist á erial@erial.is

Pole Theatre Iceland Workshops

Marlo Fisken

Marion Crampe Pole Theatre Iceland Workshops

Marion Crampe

Pole Theatre Iceland Workshops Jordan Kensley

Jordan Kensley

A two day Flowbility Intensive with Marlo Fisken

Flowbility© is a movement experience that joins mobility-enhancing exercises with fluid floor movement and creative exploration.

In each Flowbility session, we will begin by performing active Range Of Motion exercises to prepare our joints. We will then challenge our range with games and floorwork patterns. Finally, class will conclude with deeper, breath-fueled sustained stretching. Each Flowbility class is an immersive journey structured to bring you into a Flow state and restore your freedom of movement.

Unlike passive, static stretching, Flowbility offers the hyper-mobile more control over their range of motion and the less-supple access to increased range. The multi-day training is comprised of 4/6 unique sessions.

This training is open to all, but is geared towards instructors looking to invigorate their warm-ups and mobility instruction.

Instructors will:

Learn how to optimize the delivery of alignment and action-based cues
Understand how to design practical and playful exercises to invigorate postural awareness and improve active ROM
Gain a better understanding of common postural habits and how to coach students away from poor movement mechanics
Discover how to move from specific form-based instruction to imaginative exploratory based instruction.

Flowbility Intensive

Flowbility Intensive with Marlo Fisken (2 days)

Monday sept 23. – Marlo Fisken – 13:00-16:00 (2hr break) 18:00-20:30
Tuesday sept 24.- Marlo Fisken – 13:30 – 16:30 (2hr break) 18:30- 21:00

Drop-ins are welcome during the evenings for 120 eur per evening (3hrs))

Registrations go through Marlo Fisken’s webpage 
Click HERE to register for the Flowbility Intensive

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