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Eva Rut á listanum 10 pole dancers you have never heard of that are changing the game

Hversu svalt! Eva Rut ein af eigendum og þjálfurum Eríal Pole komst á listann 10 pole dancers you have never heard of that are changing the game

Instagram: @kyokowidz
Location: Reykjavik, Iceland
Pole Style: Athletic with a splash of Contemporary
Game Changer: Solid instruction in the studio

Eva is tucked away in beautiful Iceland at Erial Pole. She’s got no formal training and told me once that she hated gym class in school. She’s got a booty to die for, some feminist politics that will melt your heart, and is one of three people in this entire planet to teach me into an aeysha (I’m 5 years into that journey with no real success to speak of). She teaches balance and movement in a very intuitive way and always knows exactly how to fix whatever problem you’re running into with a pose or flow.

I have had the privilege of training with her for one month last year and she teaches in Icelandic with a bit of English here and there. I speak no Icelandic and still managed to get more than I could handle out of every single class, which is a testament to her kinetic awareness and execution. Eva is strong, flexible and she belongs in a studio classroom teaching girls because she is simply fantastic at what she does.

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Nadia Sharif workshop 7. og 8. maí

Nú styttist í hina kattliðugu Nadia Sharif.

7. maí 14:00 – 15:30 Pure Spin (Skilyrði að kunna að klifra)
7. maí 15:45 – 17:15 Signature Tricks (int/adv)

8 Maí kl 18:00 – 19:30 Drops (int/adv)
8 maí kl 19:45 – 21:15 Acroflex (þátttakendur á þessu workshoppi þurfa að komast í brú)

Hvert námskeið er 90 mínútur og kostar 10.500kr
Hægt er að bóka sig á námskeiðið í afgreiðslu Eríal Pole.


Nadia is known for her unique tricks, fluid spins, acrobatic capabilities, energetic stage presence and impeccable musicality. She first started pole dancing in her bedroom after watching Felix Cane on YouTube in 2007. Being so inspired by the art, she installed a pole and began to teach herself tricks by watching people like Karol Helms, Pantera and Jenyne Butterfly on YouTube. She then entered her first competition, PoleStar Invitational 2008, and was addicted to pole dancing after that. In 2009, Nadia began teaching at X-Polesitions in North Hollywood and continued to train and compete. In 2010, she partnered up with Mina Mortezaie and began competing and performing as a doubles act. Nadia continues to train and compete as both a soloist and doubles pair with Mina Mortezaie. Nadia is very passionate about teaching and has continued to teach pole dancing through her electrical engineering education and through her engineering career. She loves to share her pole knowledge and experience with her pole students in hopes that she can inspire pole students and help spread the pole word in positive light.

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